Sleep Consultations

By now, you may have realized what all of your friends meant when they said "Get your sleep now!" or "Sleep when the baby sleeps!" You are walking around in a bit of a fog, you are tired all of the time. OR, your baby is doing great at night! Sleeping 6 or 7 hour stretches, but he just won't nap much during the day. Maybe your older baby or toddler is still waking up multiple times a night. But you just want to sleep again, and you want your baby to learn healthy sleep habits too. 

Much like we teach our children about healthy eating habits, we must teach them the importance of healthy sleep habits. Often times, these are the habits that we carry into adulthood. So it can be an integral part of childhood!

The Sleep Maven!

Laurie is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, certified by The Family Sleep Institute.

I discovered years ago, that I had a true passion for helping families get a little more sleep. I read all of the Sleep Books I could get my hands on, I learned every method, by every expert. My background in education and development, as well as my training as a Postpartum Doula and a Newborn Care Specialist make me a unique fit in the ever changing world of Sleep Consultants. My philosophy is basically that there is NOT a one way fits all for sleep! Every baby and child is different, and each will learn in things in their own way, including how to sleep! My help is tailored specifically to your child's and your family's needs and desires. 


How a Sleep Consult with your Maven works:

*First, we send you our Sleep Intake Form, this helps us to get a better idea about what kind of help you need and how is best to help YOUR family. 

*Next, we will either have a consult in person, or by phone. In person is always best, as it allows us to get to know you and your baby a little bit better. However, for families that are out of our service range- phone, Skype and FaceTime consults are also great! We can get a sense about your schedule, your concerns and the dynamics of your family. Sleep Training does NOT have to mean Cry-It-Out! There are MANY different ways that I can help you teach your child healthy sleep habits. 

*Then, we will write up a PERSONALIZED Sleep Plan. Designed specifically for your child, and your family. After you have had a chance to look over the Sleep Plan, we are available to you via phone, text, or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have while you go through this process. We will supply you with a Sleep Log, that we will check in on daily so that you know we are there every step of the way with you!

*If you need or would like help in implementing your Sleep Plan, we can help with that too, HANDS ON!  (On a very limited basis, please email or call for more information on this!)

"The Baby Mavens were so incredibly helpful and supportive in getting our little guy to sleep. After several months of failed attempts at sleep training, we met Laurie. She came up with a plan and helped to implement it. After 3 or 4 nights, our guy was sleeping through the night. Laurie has also been extremely supportive and responsive as we work on getting his day schedule and naps to come together. Further she cares not just about our little guy, but about us as well. We don't know what we would do without her."  -M.J


Choice #1: In-home Consultation


*A One hour visit with The Sleep Maven in your home. She will check and go over your child's sleep environment to    determine what adjustments should be made (if any!) to instill healthy sleep habits. 

*A Personalized, Step-by-Step Sleep Plan. This plan is completely tailored for YOUR child and your family. It will take into account the parent's desires and needs, as well as the child's. 

*Sleep Log that we will check daily to see your child’s progress, offer suggestions, suggest tweaks, etc.

*Personal follow-up, guidance, advice, and reassurance from your Sleep Consultant. This is often the most important part! She will be there via email, text, or phone to answer your questions, encourage you, and ease any concerns you may may have along the way. 


Choice #2: Distance Consultation


*Your choice of email, phone or Skype/FaceTime Consult. We will chat for about one hour about your child's sleep issues and your concerns. Including how YOU, as parents feel would be best to work on this. 

*A Personalized, Detailed, Step-by-Step Sleep Plan. This plan is tailored completely for YOUR child and your family. 

*Sleep Log that we will check daily to see your child’s progress, offer suggestions, suggest tweaks, etc.

*Personal follow-up, guidance, advice and reassurance! Your Sleep Maven will be there via email, phone, or even text to answer all of your questions, encourage you and ease any concerns you may have about the process.


Choice #3: Quick and Easy Consultation


*One 30 minute phone call to chat with The Sleep Maven about your sleep issues, ask questions and get some answers from the pro!

*A follow up email with a recap of our conversation, and a plan to help you.

*One follow up email one week later.


Call or Email us today to get started on getting your baby or child a great nights sleep!