Overnight Care

A whole new kind of tired!

If there is one thing that all new moms and dads have in common, it is that they are TIRED! The kind of tired that makes your bones ache, and feels like you can't see straight. What you wouldn't give for just a single solid night of sleep, right? 

Well, The Baby Mavens can give you that! A full nights sleep may be just what you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day. We will come to your home to provide professional, quality care to your little one (or ones) during the night. 

*If you are breastfeeding, we can help you too! We will bring the baby to you during the night for a feeding as usual. Then, we will change him, re-swaddle him, and re-settle him. What a relief to just have to be awake for those precious few minutes with your baby while he eats, and then be able to go right back to sleep. 

You may be familiar with the term "Baby Nurse" or "Night Nurse", someone that helps you with the baby during the night time hours. 

An overnight with The Baby Mavens may include:

*Checking in on your day, addressing questions or concerns

*Feeding, changing, soothing, and settling baby

*Washing, drying or folding laundry

*Washing bottles and pump parts

*Preparing bottles for the next day and night

*Restocking the nursery

*Emptying or filling the dishwasher, tidying the kitchen

*Initiating healthy sleep routines for baby


Our rates start at $32 per hour. Please visit our Packages page to get more details and to learn how your family can get a discount!