*Maven: A trusted expert in a particular field that seeks to pass knowledge on to others. 


Having a baby changes everything; Your world will never be the same!

The Baby Mavens understand this. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we provide non-judgmental assistance and education for all new families.  We can help make this beautiful time in your life safe, peaceful, stress-free, and blissful. Recognizing that every family has different needs, The Mavens will accommodate and support your unique situation. We can aid you in whatever it may be to make your days and nights smoother. Our myriad of services and our knowledgable, qualified team can help you become more confident in your skills as a new parent. We hope to be your one stop for all things baby related, beginning prenatally to help you prepare, into the early days of bringing your precious gift home, and as they grow into little people. 


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