Meet The Mavens

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Meet Laurie

For the past 25 years, I have been immersed in all things babies and children. From babysitting, to teaching in many various settings (daycare, early intervention, and preschools) to working as a nanny. This time spent with children, as well as my studies in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, have created the passion I now possess to help every mom and dad get their child started on the best possible footing!  I know being a parent isn't easy and comes with many trials and sleepless nights, but I hope to make that transition just a little bit easier for you!  I can't wait to meet you and your precious new gift!  

*Gordon College                           

*Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

*Certified Lactation Counselor

*Postpartum Doula (DONA)     

*Newborn Care Specialist 

*Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certified


 Meet Lauren

I am a single mother of a teenage boy who was once a two pound eleven ounce preemie. I was launched into parenthood at just 28 weeks. I remember the feelings of joy, helplessness, and exhaustion. Before my son was born,  I had surrounded myself with children for as long as I can remember.  I have always loved everything about babies, so becoming a nanny was a logical career choice for me.  Now, over 20 years later, it’s time for something more. Drawing on my knowledge from my undergraduate in Family and Community Sciences, my doula training, and my INA credentials, I am looking forward to helping new moms feel maybe not-so helpless, and less exhausted so that they can focus on the joy in their new baby. 

*UMASS Amherst                                *Certified CPST              

*Postpartum Doula (DONA)             *Certified Lactation Counselor

*Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certified

*Certified AHA CPR Instructor


Meet Patti

For almost 20 years I have worked professionally in the child care field. First as a nanny and for the last 9 as a licensed home daycare provider. Throughout this time, I have enjoyed helping families find their way through challenging times with their children by helping them find the ways that worked best for them. Parenting is not easy. I have 2 young children who have certainly had their challenging times! We all need a community of friends and family to help out. I love being able to help those who may not have family nearby or need support from someone who will give it unconditionally. I look forward to working with your family to support you in your role as a parent!

*Certified Doula Postpartum (ProDoula)      *CPR and First Aid Certified

*Certified CPST


Meet Sarah

 I have always been drawn to caring for infants. After earning a degree in Social Science and Early Childhood Education I spent a few years teaching preschool and Kindergarten in the US and overseas. Having a desire to pursue my passion working with infants, I started taking as many infant nanny jobs I could find until I discovered what a postpartum doula was. I began training as a doula and sleep specialist over 8 years ago and have been working closely with new families ever since. I enjoy helping parents find ways to soothe their babies and smooth the exciting and often overwhelming transition of bringing a new baby home. I believe that loving support and gentle guidance can make all the difference in the quality of a new parent’s experience, and I absolutely love what I do!

*Webster University                               *CPR and First Aid Certified

*Certified Newborn Care Specialist     *Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)

*Certified Lactation Educator


Meet Isabelle

As a former day care worker and kindergarten teacher, I have always felt a strong connection to babies and children, but it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized how powerful that connection really is. After giving birth and starting my parenthood journey, I felt a calling to help other women have empowering birth experiences as well as strengthen their confidence as new mothers and the connection with their babies. In 2010 I became a certified doula. Being a birth and postpartum doula has been extremely fulfilling. It has been a blessing and an honor to be a part of a family’s life in those early days following the birth of a new family member. 

*Endicott College                                  *CPR and First Aid Certified

*Certified Birth Doula (DONA)           *Reiki Certified- Level 1 and 2

*Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)

Meet Sydney

I have always been drawn to women’s health and reproduction. When I became a birth doula in 2015, I realized almost immediately that after their babies were born, my clients were falling through the cracks - feeling isolated and overwhelmed; unsure of where to find answers to questions about feeding, newborn care, and sleep; and navigating challenging family dynamics, relationship challenges, new parenthood, all while recovering from birth. As a doula, I hope to bridge that gap for new parents by providing loving support, guidance, evidence-based information, and encouragement to help families truly enjoy those first precious few months with their fascinating, brilliant, and adorable newborn. My favorite part of my job is helping new parents feel empowered to advocate for themselves to meet their own needs and those of their newborns. Outside of doula work, I’m an avid reader, lover of all four-legged fur babies, and enthusiastic home cook.

*Illinois Wesleyan University                   *CPR and First Aid Certified 

*Birth and Postpartum Doula (DONA)   *Full Spectrum Doula

*Certified Breastfeeding Educator          *Certified Yoga Instructor 

*Mental First Aid Certified

Meet Laura

As a postpartum doula, being able to help parents with their newborn babies is the most rewarding experience I could imagine. New parents are always wondering if they are doing the right thing and questioning their babies every move. I love that I am able to ease fears and help parents be what they were meant to be, Moms and Dads!  Creating a smooth transition to bringing home a new baby so parents are able to enjoy their newborn and have confidence in caring for them on their own is the ultimate goal. I am also a trained lactation educator and have a passion for helping moms to breastfeed and nurture their baby. 

*Postpartum Doula  (CAPPA)           *CPR and First Aid Certified

*Certified Lactation Educator



Meet Sarah

As a mother of two young girls, I have encountered so many challenges from an unplanned c-section and breastfeeding difficulty to feeling desperately overwhelmed with a seemingly-never-sleeping newborn. I get it! The type of help that I offer looks different for every mother and every family. I love getting to know my clients to find out how I can be there for them. I combine my personal experience and instinctual compassion with a wealth of factual knowledge to present my families with information to help them reach their parenting goals. I can't wait to meet you and your family! In my free time I love reading, knitting, gardening, hula hooping, and doing arts and crafts.

*University of New Hampshire & Emerson College

*Postpartum Doula (CAPPA) *CPR Certified

*Certifying Fertility Doula (Doula Canada)

Meet Emily

My favorite part about my career as an educator and perinatal professional is seeing a family grow. Whether you are welcoming your first or fifth child, each new member challenges your family to evolve in exciting, beautiful, and sometimes messy ways. I am the mother of triplets and know first- hand that welcoming any number of newborns can be a daunting task. By providing practical tools, emotional support, and community resources, my goal is to give each family the skills and confidence needed to successfully navigate this exciting time. 

*Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)       *Certified Newborn Care Specialist 

*Certified Infant Massage Therapist/Educator

*Certified AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor

Meet Elizabeth

I have worked with infants and children in different capacities for many years including as a nanny and recently I studied infant and toddler education and development at the Montessori Institute of New England. I am the mother to an adopted daughter and have a special passion for adoption and foster care. Bringing home any new addition(s) can be a daunting experience and providing support to the family is a critical, joyful task. I’m so looking forward to meeting you and working alongside you on this wonderful journey! 

*Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)

*CPR and First Aid Certified


Meet Lynn

As far back I as can remember, I have always loved being around children. I would babysit the neighborhood children and I worked in a nursery school during high school. I went to Wheelock college and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Infant/Toddler development and daycare specialist. Immediately out of college I worked in group childcare with infants and young toddlers for ten years. After that I had an administrative role in childcare. Missing working with infants, I have become a private provider.

I adore young children and providing them a stimulating environment and a sense of love and security.

*Wheelock College

*CPR & First Aid Certified