Lactation Services

Sometimes Breastfeeding can be hard!

Before you had your baby you may have thought that breastfeeding would be easy, that your baby would just instinctually know what to do. Those first days in the hospital, and after you come home, everyone is giving you advice. "You should use a pillow, you should lie down, use this breast shield, pump now, don't pump now." It can be so confusing! The Baby Mavens are here to help you. We will try to help you make sense of it all with you!

Stay in your jammies!

It's hard to get out the door in those first few weeks, and the last thing you probably feel like doing is packing you and your new baby up and heading out. We will come to you to help you with your breastfeeding concerns! We will come and sit with you for at least one feeding, so that we can assess your latch, ask you some questions and hopefully provide you some help and relief. The Baby Mavens will NEVER judge you, we only want to help you reach YOUR goals. 


A two hour visit with our Certified Lactation Counselor. The CLC will stay for at least one nursing session to assess any issues or concerns with Mom. ($75. per hour)

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