Need a babysitter last minute?

Is your nanny sick? Daycare closed? Did your baby wake up with a slight fever, but you just have to go to work today? Maybe you are ready for a date night!

The Baby Mavens understand that last minute needs may come up. And we want to be there for you. You may have worked with us in the past, so we know you, your family, and your children. We may already know their schedules, their likes and dislikes! Perhaps you haven't met us yet. Our team has many years of childcare experience, is trained, responsible and professional. We are confident that we can help your child feel safe, secure, and happy until you return! 

(Please note: because we work with newborns and infants, we cannot provide care for sick toddlers and older children.)

Give The Baby Mavens a call today!


$22-$25 per hour (Depending on time, ages of children, and sitter availability.)

(4 hour minimum)