Newborn Care

What is a Newborn Care Specialist? 

You may be familiar with the term "Baby Nurse" or "Night Nurse". While these terms have been used for many years, the caregiver is generally not really a Nurse. In many states you cannot use the word "Nurse" if you have not trained as a RN, CNA, LPN, or APN. We prefer the term Newborn Care Specialist! 

A NCS is a caregiver that is specifically trained to work with infants, from birth until 12 weeks, or the "4th trimester." Her expertise can help evaluate any issues that may arise with your newborn. (Within the scope of practice, meaning we are not medical professionals and will always refer you to your care provider.) For instance, colic, reflux, GERD, thrush, circumcision and umbilical cord care, and diaper rashes. Many Newborn Care Specialists work 27/7. 

Want to Hire The Baby Mavens as Newborn Care Specialists?

 If you hire a Maven as a NCS, she will work exclusively with your newborn.  Are you expecting multiples and wanting some advice and expertise on how to make your home run smoother once they come home?  Your Maven will be that extra helping hand that you may need in those early days. Do you have a caregiver that will start upon your return to work, and need an extra hand before then? The Baby Mavens can help you with shorter periods of time. (4 hour minimum)


Our rates start at $30 per hour. Please visit our Packages page to get more details and to learn how your family can get a discount!