Education and Classes

*Childbirth Education

Perhaps some of your friends and family members are sharing their birth horror stories. Or maybe you've found yourself up late more than one night googling "natural birth videos." You might be asking yourself, "What will it be like for me?" Facing the unknown can be scary and frightening but birth does not need to be mysterious and you don't have to go it alone. 

The Baby Mavens have selected the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth traditions to provide expectant parents with modern, practical education and evidence-based techniques to help them feel prepared for childbirth and new parenthood. Our comprehensive class covers everything from prenatal nutrition to pain relief techniques in labor to tips to prevent tearing. This class is a blend of lecture, videos, demonstrations, and hands-on practice that will leave you feeling confident in your ability to meet the challenges of labor and parenthood. There is no right way to labor or give birth. We teach the full range of options available to women and their families as they prepare for birth. After years of experience working with mothers and families, we know that what is most important is that you approach your labor feeling confident, capable, supported, and relaxed. Through our course you will learn what to expect, develop skills to help you cope with labor, and get the essential information to need to respond to the unexpected. 

This class is a seven week series, see Classes page for more information.

*Preparing For Your Bundle     

 Expecting a baby is nothing short of joyous, exciting, and yes, maybe a bit overwhelming. Your new baby doesn’t come with instructions or directions! If you took a birth class, it may have prepared you for labor and delivery. We hope our class will help soon-to-be parents calm their worries and answer all of their questions for after baby has arrived. The Baby Mavens will cover our “Must Have” registry needs, what to pack in your hospital bag, sibling preparation, car seat safety and tips.  We will help you master soothing, bathing, getting your baby to sleep, and enjoying those special moments with your new bundle of joy.  The Baby Mavens will provide some of those elusive instructions for those first few weeks home. 

$100 for a 90 minute private class

*Preparing For Your ADOPTED Bundle

Did you just get matched with a baby? What an incredible time for your family! And so much to think of! We can help you! We have perfected our list of travel necessities for picking up your new baby. We have helped many families prepare for all of the worries that come with adopting a baby, and we have learned the important things to pass along to you! 

$100 for a 90 minute private class

*Healthy Sleep From the Start

“Will I ever sleep again? Is it ok for my baby to sleep with me? How do I get my baby to take good naps? My baby sleeps all day and is up all night!” You WILL sleep again, and we can help! This informational class will help teach you how to establish a great routine from the first day home with baby, to instill healthy sleep habits for years to come. We will cover safe sleep, the importance of establishing routines, finding your baby’s rhythms, and much, much more!

$90 for a one hour private class

*Super Siblings!

Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister

Bringing your second (or third or fourth!) baby home comes with a whole new set of concerns! Will I love my second baby as much as I have loved my first? Will my oldest be excited about a new baby? How will he or she react to not getting all of my attention? This class is for the whole family! We will give you some of our tried and true tips and tricks about introducing a new baby to the family. We have helped a lot of new siblings through this time! 

$80 for a one hour private class

*Introducing Baby's First Food

Are you getting ready to start your baby on "real food"? This is an exciting milestone for parents, your baby can sit with you now and eat! You might be confused about some of the different advice out there. Are purees best? Should I try Baby-Led Weaning? Our class will walk you through the differences, and all of the most current information about starting your baby on solids. We will also teach you all about making your own homemade baby food, and proper storage!

$80 for a one hour private class

*Carseat Safety 

Need help in choosing the right carseat for your new baby? Want to learn how to install the carseat properly in the car? Our Nationally Certified CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) will give you a lesson in all of the important things to know about carseat safety. She will teach you how to assure that your infant is properly secured in his or her seat, how to install and uninstall it in your car, and the rules and guidelines for proper use. You can be assured after this lesson that your newest addition will be safe in the car!

$30 for a one hour lesson

*Grandparents "Refresher" 

Is your little one expecting his or her own little one? Is there a new grandchild in your family? All of the “stuff” for babies is so different and new now! And so is the way that new moms and dads are raising their children. Come learn some tips and tricks to help your children in their new roles as Mom and Dad. The Baby Mavens will teach you about some of the newer baby products you may use, and some of the current guidelines for infant safety and care. 

$75 for a one hour private class