Consultations- Phone or Text Support

Ask the Experts!

Do you wish there was someone you could call or text if you just have a simple question about your baby?  Someone you could get ahold of "after hours" to answer your baby care questions?  New babies do a lot of different and new things! Sometimes you just want someone to tell you that it's normal. 

*DISCLAIMER: The Baby Mavens are of course NOT doctors, and do NOT dispense medical advice! If you believe your baby is sick, call your pediatrician or family doctor right away.

The Mavens can cover any question you may have regarding:

*Breastfeeding, or feeding (including bottle or pump questions)

*Soothing, gas/colic issues

*Bathing, any baby related concerns

*Advice on baby products, i.e- what to buy, carseats, safety issues, etc.

*Basic baby proofing guidance

*Carseat safety



Phone Calls: Prefer to speak to someone on the phone? Your payment of $50. will include FIVE ten minute phone calls with a Baby Care Expert.  

Texting: Sometimes a quick text message is easier for a mom with her hands full! Your payment of $50. will include unlimited texting for ONE month.