Antepartum Doula Services

What is an Antepartum Doula?

An antepartum doula provides non-medical support and assistance to pregnant moms who are experiencing high risk pregnancies, or are on bed rest. The doula may offer educational information about your pregnancy concerns or risks, as well as emotional support for this time. 

Who needs an Antepartum Doula?

When the doctor tells you that you have a high risk pregnancy, or that you need to be on bed rest for a period of time, it can cause mom a little anxiety! You want to assure that your baby will be healthy and brought into this world at the right time. This time can be a little scary, especially if your partner is working and gone for most of the day. If you are put on bed rest, you may wonder who will take older children to school, or who will go to the grocery store?

Or perhaps you have experienced a pregnancy loss, and could use a little emotional support to get you through the different stages of your new pregnancy.  You might have extreme morning sickness and could use a little help when you feel so horrible. 

Maybe your partner travels frequently, or is in the military and can't be with you during this time. 

The Baby Mavens are here to help you! 

What we do 

*Provide emotional support and guidance, we are your shoulder to cry on and an ear for listening.

*Provide up to date information and resources about high risk pregnancies and complications.

*Help with household tasks, cleaning and organizing.

*Prepare mom nutritious meals, even leaving meals for after we leave.

*Grocery shopping and other errands that need to be done.

*Organizing and getting the nursery ready! Including helping with shopping and your registry. 

*Accompany mom to doctors appointments and testing. 

*Help with childcare of older children in the home, including driving children to activities. 

*Anything else that will help your family and YOU during this time!


$35 per hour (Can be used in combination with Postpartum Doula hours as well.)